Linda Wietzke Interior Design, Ltd.
Linda Wietzke Interior Design Linda Wietzke Interior Design, LTD.
is located in Bay Village, Ohio,
serving clients throughout
Northeast Ohio and across
the country.
"Linda: I do not have a voice today so I wanted to at least write to you via email. I wanted you to know how much I appreciate all of your dedication and help with our remodeling project. I have dreamed of this project for over 10 years and I can hardly believe it has come true. Even today, I look around and see an amazing home that I really have a hard time believing is ours. It is just undescribable and I am still bursting at the seams at how lovely everything turned out. I truly believe the final product is all because of your keen eye and sense of elegant style. Wow! Really it has just blown me away and I could not be more happy. I am so glad I found you and really owe how perfect our home is now because of you. I sincerely mean that. Our home has exceeded all my expectations and I am so grateful for all of your help.
My deepest thanks to you for helping me design and decorate the home of our dreams and beyond. You have been a God send and I am so fortunate to have found you.
Stay warm and I will keep in touch. Thank you"
–Chanda Wall
"Having worked with several other professionals in your business, we have a real appreciation of the talents you bring to each job.  Both our Florida and Ohio residences are absolutely stunning.
Friends and family have only highest praise and appreciation for the exciting decorating you have brought to our homes. You learned our tastes by listening very intently and then coming back with wonderful innovative ideas.  Your flair for color, scale and design is second to none. We greatly appreciate your willingness to take our lifestyle and budget into account and to integrate our existing pieces into the overall plan.  You always make an effort to minimize the cost without jeopardizing the quality.
Each project ran smoothly, and you can be trusted to do the right thing. Your personality, intelligence and wit make you a joy to work with and we highly recommend your talents as an interior designer.  Your ideas always exceed our expectations. We are not just clients as the process has made us friends.  Thank you again for making our homes cozy, elegant and peaceful corners of the world."
–Carol and Bill Jaras

"Most recently in 2001, I had the great pleasure of working with Linda on the interior design of my new home.  The talent and attention to detail was beyond my wildest expectations.  From the paint colors to the floor coverings, from the light fixtures to the picture frames, my home speaks volumes of Linda's dedication and expertise.  But what stands out the most to me is the care that was given to incorporating my "treasures" into the plan.  Linda is not only the consummate interior designer, but a wonderful person!  I feel blessed to know her."
–Marcia Porter

"Linda takes interior design to a whole new level.  Her passion, creativity and dedication both to us as clients and to the entire project were characteristics you could only hope to find in an interior designer. She respected our wishes, our budget, and our time constraints and the results were well beyond our expectations.  We would be proud to refer her to anyone in need of design services."
–Louise and Dave Sgro

"Since working with Linda over the years, walking through our home presents continual pleasure and pride.  The various craftsmen with whom she works have rendered us confident that the final results will be splendid."
–Henry and Miriam Laub

"For the last twenty years, I have been delighted with and grateful for Linda Wietzke's interior design expertise. Linda is great fun to work with and has saved me much time and money with her extremely creative, yet practical ideas and suggestions that work every time. Most importantly, Linda's decorative touches and impeccable eye for detail have helped me to create a lovely, warm, inviting home for the people I love most in the world, my family. Thank you, Linda!"
–Elaine Kosco

"My experience with Linda Wietzke was wonderful. She is very easy to work with, has great ideas and suggestions, and beautiful taste. She was a tremendous help when we built our house, working with us from the blueprint stage, suggesting revisions to the original plans to make it suit our lifestyle. She helped us with all of our interior selections, including cabinets, floors, tiles, lighting. etc., making the selection process so much easier. Her creativity and resourcefulness created a very positive experience."
–Courtney Benson

"Linda has worked with my family for over twenty years. I first was introduced to her when she designed the interior of my parent's new home in 1989. Since then she has done work for me and my three siblings in three different states! Linda designs to fit your needs and lifestyle. I am proud and confident to open my home to friends and family due to Linda's selections for me. The best part is, thanks to Linda, I have no stress over my design decisions!"
–Lynda Neumann

"I have known Linda for many years, and she has worked with most of my family decorating their homes. When my husband and I moved to Austin, TX we made the decision to build our home, instead of buying an existing one as we had done twice before. Linda came to Austin, and she and I spent a few, very busy days picking out tile, carpet, hardwood floors, countertops, paint colors, hardware, the works!! I told her what colors I preferred, what my style was, and she was able to provide me with a number of options to choose from. Without her advice, I know the process would have been tortuous, as I'm sure anyone who has built a home knows. I found Linda very easy to work with, and learned a lot about what I like and don't like, and how colors or designs I thought would never work together actually do. I was amazed at how she could put a few simple items together and create a look that I was going for, but couldn't pull off on my own ~ decorating-challenged, that's me. I think she needs to visit Austin again!"
–Mary Stanley

"I have have known Linda for over 20 years. During that time she has created beautiful interiors, both in homes and on yachts, for three generations of my family. Linda is great at interpreting an individual or couple’s personal sense of style to create a beautifully designed space. She has personally worked on the interiors of four houses for me. Most recently Linda flew to Fort Lauderdale, FL to help me incorporate existing furniture into a new house. I have never met anyone so skilled with paint swatches! It seems like if I paint a wall without first consulting her it never meets my expectations as well as if she had selected it. Not only is Linda an amazing interior designer, she has become a valued friend over the years."
–Andrea Brown